3 Positive Mental tricks to Get Yourself out of Your Comfort Zone.

Disclaimer: Everything stated in this post is based on my personal experience.

We naturally tend to avoid everything that makes us feel uncomfortable. There come situations when it is very important to prioritize your comfort, however, when it comes to your dreams and goals - this is where it shouldn't. Let me tell you why.

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There are many reasons why staying in your comfort zone speaking of your career path and your goals can do more bad than good. One, you never know how capable you are until you step out of it. Second, it keeps you stagnant, which results in constant regret, comparison, and negative thinking.

So here are 3 positive mental tricks you should try to strengthen your confidence and to help you get out of your comfort zone.

1. Focus on the possibilities

Don't set yourself up by letting your fear stop you from going after your dreams and goals. Don't let negative thoughts to discourage you from seeing all the possibilities you can have if you decide to go for it. There are endless possibilities we can create for ourselves or receive from others.

Even if the outcome is negative it can still be perceived positively as a possibility to start fresh, learn from it, or make something great out of it. You have everything what it takes to achieve your dreams and goals, so focus on the possibilities.

2. Find positive ways how to deal with stress and anxiety

Getting out of your comfort zone can be very stressful, especially if it happens unexpectedly. Immediate need to introduce yourself is one of my ''favorite'' out of my comfort zone experiences.

This is why it is very important to find positive ways how to deal with stress and anxiety when it comes to the fear of stepping out of comfort zone. Try breathing exercises, mindset shifts, physical exercises, there are many ways how to do it, but not everything works for everyone. Don't be afraid or ashamed of seeking professional help if needed. You totally got this!

3. Use your imagination

When we are under a lot of stress, it's hard to realize that everyone is nervous in some type of way. In these kinds of situations we can be too busy being over-stressed ourselves that we overlook it. But it's the truth.

For example, you have a job interview. Try to imagine that you are having a conversation with someone with who you share mutual interests and who as much as you want to succeed in that certain area. Try to associate the word ''interview'' with an ''interesting conversation''. The more often you will do this, the less nervous you will get.

And please don't be afraid to be yourself. If something doesn't work out, it means you have something else waiting for you and the experience you just had is going to help you get there.

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Keep in mind that everyone's comfort is different, don't compare yours to others. Be kind to yourself and others. Don't create high expectations of the other individual as if you are less worthy than the other person just because of the status he or she is in. We are all human beings who just want to live our best lives and take care of the ones we love.

I hope this post encouraged you to get out of your comfort zone more and to go after your dreams. If it did, let me know in the comments down below where you'll be using these mental tricks.

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