Intuitive Coach Shares Her Favorite Tips to Improve Mental Health.

Darla Lee is a wife, mother of 3, and working a full-time job. She also writes a blog that is dedicated to women, mainly moms, trying to break free of self-doubt and trust intuition so that they can achieve goals, organize their life, and boost self-confidence.

''Be honest about where you are in your journey. If stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm is a daily struggle, then it's very important to identify the root and pay attention to the things that trigger you.''

- Darla Lee

1. What, in your opinion, is the most common misconception about mental health?

The biggest misconception about mental health is that it's a problem that one must live with, and there is no hope. Your mental wellbeing should be addressed and tackled, like your physical health. You have to understand when you can handle it on your own or seek medical help.

2. What is one thing you would like to tell your younger self on a bad mental health day?

I would tell myself that it’s okay to have bad days now and again. And every day can’t and won’t be productive. Also, pay attention to what your body tells you because your intuition tells you what you need. For example, sometimes I need rest, while others, my spirit is craving growth and social interaction. I would also tell my younger self the faster you address the pain and hurt from your past; the easier coping will become in your future.

3. What are your favorite wellness tips to improve your mental health?

1) Understand it’s okay to take a moment to Breath - take time alone and help ground yourself by going out in nature, sitting in the sun, and sitting on the floor.

2) Clear the mental clutter - the world is busy enough, so we can at least have control over the noise in our minds. A brain dump is an effective way to get EVERYTHING OUT.

3) Remind yourself that you are an amazing person. I understand there are times when we feel defeated or stuck in life, so positive affirmation or rewiring self-doubt are habits that genuinely can give you your power back.

4) Be intentional with your day so you can feel accomplished and empowered. I love creating a vision board and manifesting my dream life. Sometimes we forget about the power of spirituality and action.

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